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West Chicago HS

     Based on guidelines that were set last year, each Division is asked to nominate two students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Learning, Living, or Leadership. The recipients of the PAWS awards this month are a testament to the importance of hard work, perseverance, and community.


     The winners for the month of October are Johnathon Cunningham, of West Chicago, [Physical Development Division]; Kaitlyn Anders, of West Chicago [Language Arts Division]; Isreal Malave, of Carol Stream [Math and Science Division]; Ashley Nevitt, of West Chicago [World Languages Division]; Sindi Reyes, of West Chicago [Language Arts Division]; Vidal Avalos, of West Chicago, [Humanities Division]; Noemi Cinto, of West Chicago [Information and Technology Division]; Amarin Young, of Carol Stream [Physical Development Division]; Jamie Valenzuela, of West Chicago [Math and Science Division]; Atzimba Martinez, of West Chicago [Humanities Division and ] World Languages Division]; Daniel Sampiller, of West Chicago [Student Services Division]; Rosa Maria Duran, of Carol Stream [Information and Technology Division]; and Reid Howington, of Carol Stream [Student Services Division].

Congratulations PAWS winners for October!

Press Contact:

  • Mr. Chris Covino,
  • Language Arts Division Head
  • 630/876-6363


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