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Wildcat Chronicle Editors Win National Scholastic Journalism Awards

West Chicago HS

     Two editors from the award-winning Community High School newspaper, the Wildcat Chronicle, received Excellent ratings in write-off competitions at the Journalism Education Association/National Scholastic Press Association’s fall conference in San Antonio, Texas,
Nov. 15-18, 2012.

Co-editor in chief, Liz Ramos, received an Excellent rating for her feature article and center spread editor Giuliana LaMantia received an Excellent rating for her commentary. Both editors wrote their entries on-site in San Antonio. This is the first time Chronicle reporters have competed in the JEA on-site write-offs.

Both Ramos and LaMantia are seniors and have been on the paper for four years.

For her feature story, Ramos interviewed the owner of a one-eyed dog, Piper, who became a painter without a single lesson.

“She was a rescue dog with one eye, hip and limb problems, and a bit of moodiness. The owner said she probably felt like she was never loved but fit into the family,” Ramos said. “While I was listening to the presentation, I even began to tear up a little because the story was so touching.”

LaMantia had to synthesize information from numerous articles into a commentary on why she believed technology should be allowed in school.

The girls were happy to learn they had earned Excellent ratings.

“When I found out that I had received an Excellent status on my story, I was ecstatic. I never thought that I would receive an award for the work I did and it was an absolute honor,” Ramos said. “I learned a lot at the convention and I know my writing will be better because of it and I can improve the newspaper.”

LaMantia agreed. “The trip was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot of new things at the conference. I was really surprised and excited to find I had received the second highest honor for my article in the competition.”

Adviser Laura Kuehn and co-editor in chief  Keyuri Parmar also attended the conference.

“Putting together the school newspaper is a rigorous job, and having the opportunity to speak with other high school journalists who understand the ups and downs of running a school newspaper, is extremely important to the students,” Kuehn said. “But on top of that, to receive recognition for their hard work is incredibly rewarding, especially in the intense on-site competitions. Both Liz and Giuliana have worked hard while on the newspaper, and these awards reflect their dedication.”

Competing in the JEA write-offs were 1,734 participants, with 679 winners. The winners included 117 Superiors, 209 Excellents, and 353 Honorable Mentions. Attending the convention were 4,314 students from across the nation.

Press Contact:     

  • Laura Kuehn

  • 630) 876-6360



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