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Don't Call List

Sen Fawghourne

     This is a second telephone interview with Senator Beauregard Fawghourne. It took place over lunch on a bench overlooking the construction site of the new Congressional visitors' center. Senator Fawghourne had a PB&J, thermos of milk and an apple. The reporter had a salad from a fast food place but didn't eat it because he was too busy taking notes.

     This article is brought to you courtesy of a kind grant from the American Cauliflower Council, the nations leading industry representative for breeders, producers, and marketers for cauliflowers in the United States.

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Interview About Transfer Station

Sen Fawghourne      This is the first in a sequence of weekly interviews with Senator Beauregard Fawghourne, West Chicago's leading advocate in national politics. Senator Fawghourne agreed to do the interview by telephone from his office in the basement of the Dirksen Building behind the heating equipment with easy access to his aids, researchers, and the Library of Congress.

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