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When Trolleys Rode the Prairie Path


     The West Chicago Historical Society will be offering an entertaining program on Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. at the Wayne and Helen Fox Community Center, 306 Main Street, that will rekindle memories and bring history alive. When Trolleys Rode the Prairie Path, presented by noted historian Steve Hyett, includes a multi-projector show about the electric interurban railroad affectionately known as the "Roarin' Elgin".

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2011 Preservation Awards


     West Chicago's diverse housing stock is just one of the community's many
distinctions, and recently four of its historic homes were celebrated
for the restoration and preservation work made by their owners. The 2011
Preservation Awards, chosen by the West Chicago Preservation
Commission, were presented to: (from left to right) Peter and Barbara
Laimins, Keith Letsche and Evelyn and Frank Canabal. Sharon and Charles
Shelhamer (not pictured) were also honored. Each home maintains its own
fascinating history, the earliest dating back to 1869.  

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Exhibit Inspires Tomorrow's Architects


     The West Chicago City Museum will exhibit the work of Bartlett High School architectural/Computer-Aided Design honor students who have researched the history of nine past and present West Chicago train stations, as part of the All Aboard! exhibit. All Aboard! is a look at West Chicago’s many railroad stations over the last 150 years.


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"All Aboard" New City Museum Exhibit


     While suburban Chicagoland train enthusiasts suffered a disappointing loss in bringing a magnificent steam engine train through West Chicago, Glen Ellyn, and several other communities in the You Route the Steam Contest sponsored by Union Pacific Railroad last week, there is still an opportunity to enjoy railroad history and artifacts at the West Chicago City Museum.


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The Bookies Exhibit their Passion for the Art of Hand Bookbinding at Gallery 200


     The Bookies are a passionate group of women dedicated to the art of hand bookbinding. Meeting monthly in each other’s homes, Cheryl Mahowald, Mary Hagerty Sabo, Marilyn L. Schweitzer, Barbara Erickson and Carla Klausler hone their skills and learn new bookbinding techniques, growing both artistically and socially from the community atmosphere. Their combined works, entitled The Bookies, will be on display throughout January as the Featured Artist Exhibit at Gallery 200, 200 Main Street, in downtown West Chicago.


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